Sports Injuries – Carrollton, TX
Dr. Allmon is a renowned hand and writ surgeon serving Carrollton, TX. Having extensive experience in practising sports medicine, he specializes in the treatment of common injuries suffered by sportspersons.

Sports Injuries

The hand and the wrist are made up of ligaments, bones, muscles and specific joints. The major bones in the hand are the Radius, Ulna (both in the wrist), Carpals (seven small bones at the base of the wrist), Metacarpals (palm of the hand) and the Phalanges (fingers). The major finger joints are the Proximal Interphalangeal (PIP) and the Distal Interphalangeal (DIP) while the joint connecting the hand and fingers is Metacarpal Phalangeal Joint (MCP) and the one that connects the arm and the hand is the Carpometacarpal Joint.

Sprains, Gamekeeper’s thumb, Mallet Finger, Contusions, Jersey Finger, fractures, dislocations and ligament tears are the common types of injuries that affect the hand and wrist during sports. The healing time and level of recovery depend on the severity of the injury and the patient’s medical condition. It is advisable to seek immediate medical help and ensure all precautions are followed during treatment.


  • Forceful abduction of the hand or fingers
  • A sudden fall on an outstretched hand or arm
  • A direct hit against a ball or a player in contact sports
  • Overuse and stretching of the hand beyond limits
  • Backward movement of the hand may cause fractures in the wrist


  • Pain which can be mild to severe depending on the injury
  • Swelling
  • Redness, soreness or discoloration
  • Deformity
  • Inability to move or use the affected part
  • Bruising
  • Numbness in the arm
  • Popping sound at the time of injury
  • Fractured bone may stick out of the skin


  • Physical examination of the injured hand
  • Evaluation of the cause and time of injury
  • X-ray imaging to discern the exact location and severity of damage
  • The doctor may conduct some physical tests to evaluate the range of motion that is still intact


  • Rest and immobilization
  • Buddy taping
  • Use of splint to secure the wounded part
  • Elevation of the injured hand
  • Application of ice to bring down swelling or inflammation
  • Prescription of suitable painkillers or anti inflammatory drugs
  • Reduction of the dislocated bone
  • Use of a sling or a cast to hold the injured hand
  • Heat therapy and gentle massage may be given after 48-72 hours of injury
  • Surgery may be required in severe cases when conservative methods of treatment fail to provide relief
  • Bone grafting can be done in case the injury leads to complete crushing of the bone
  • A supportive frame may be fixed externally to treat and support the injured part
  • Arthroscopy can be useful in some cases
  • Use of physical therapy to strengthen the muscles and regain mobility post treatment

For complete treatment options of sports injuries of the hand and wrist, consult Dr. Allmon. To schedule an appointment with the orthopedic surgeon in Carrollton, you can call at (972) 492 - 1334.