Mallet Finger – Carrollton, TX
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Mallet Finger

The extensor tendons are soft tissues at the top of the hand that are responsible for straightening the end joints of the fingers. Mallet Finger is an injury characterized by rupturing of the extensor tendons due to a sudden force on the tip of finger or thumb. The tendons may also get completely disconnected from the finger bone. Though commonly seen in basketball and baseball players, Mallet Finger can occur while performing routine activities as well.

Causes Of Mallet Finger

  • An injury to the end of the finger
  • Attempting to catch a hard ball coming at a high speed
  • Sports injuries
  • A cut finger while performing daily tasks in kitchen

Symptoms Of Mallet Finger

  • Extreme pain and swelling in the injured finger
  • Drooping fingertip that does not straighten until done manually with the other hand
  • Presence of blood below the nail
  • Inability to extend the finger
  • Bruising and redness immediately after the injury

Diagnosis Of Mallet Finger

  • A physical examination of the finger may be done
  • The doctor may note down the medical history of the patient along with the symptoms
  • The Mallet Finger Test may be done wherein the doctor may ask the patient to completely extend the finger
  • X-ray may be recommended to determine if there is a fracture or misalignment of the joint

Treatment For Mallet Finger

Non-surgical treatment

  • Application of ice packs may help to reduce tenderness and inflammation
  • Complete rest may be advised to avoid further injury to the finger
  • The doctor may suggest wearing a splint for at least six weeks in order to keep the finger in an extended position
  • Anti-inflammatory medications may be prescribed to provide relief from pain and swelling

Surgical treatment

  • A major fracture or joint misalignment may need to be treated with surgery
  • Metal pins and screws may be used to hold the bone fragments together till the injury heals completely
  • The surgeon may also take a tendon graft to tighten the stretched tissues in the joint.

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