Hand Arthritis - Carrollton, TX
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Hand Arthritis

Hand Arthritis is a condition which involves inflammation of hand or wrist joints. The most common type of Hand Arthritis is Osteoarthritis in which articular cartilage, a slippery tissue, wears out and causes swelling and inflammation. The cartilage is responsible for our hand movements and damage to this tissue causes inability to perform various activities.

Risk Factors And Causes Of Hand Arthritis

  • Age: With the progression of age, the risk of developing Hand Arthritis increases.
  • Gender: Females are more susceptible of having this condition.
  • Genetic Factors: If any member of the family has suffered from Hand Arthritis, the probability of having the condition increases.  
  • Trauma: Fractures, dislocations and other sports injuries may lead to this condition.
  • Medical conditions: Conditions such as Gout, Psoriasis etc. may also lead to Hand Arthritis.

Symptoms Of Hand Arthritis

  • Pain in fingers, wrist and thumb
  • Swelling and redness in joints
  • Numbness in fingers
  • Stiffness
  • Cysts
  • Changes in surrounding joints
  • Warmth
  • Difficulty in hand movement such as twisting or bending

Diagnosis Of Hand Arthritis

To diagnose the condition, the doctor may physically examine the hand and evaluate the symptoms. He may conduct imaging tests such as X –rays, MRI and CT scan to determine the severity of the condition. A bone scan may also be done to confirm the diagnosis.

Treatment For Hand Arthritis

  • Rest: Sufficient rest must be provided to the affected area to ease pain and swelling. The doctor may suggest avoiding activities that may strain the hand joint.
  • Icing and heat packs: Applying ice packs at frequent intervals may help in relieving the symptoms. Heat therapy may also prove to be beneficial in this condition.
  • Medications: Anti-inflammatory medications may be prescribed by the doctor as it prevents the release of chemicals which causes swelling and pain in joints. Injections may also be used in certain cases to relieve pain and discomfort.
  • Splinting: The doctor may recommend wearing splints as it provides support and helps in relieving pressure from the affected area.    
  • Physical therapy: Specific exercises may be suggested by the doctor to strengthen the hand muscles and improve range of motion.

Surgical Treatment

When non-surgical treatment fails to provide relief, a surgery may be recommended by the doctor.

  • Joint replacement: In this procedure, the surgeon replaces the damaged joint with an artificial one made up of silicone rubber. The new joint can also be made out of the patient’s tissues such as a part of the tendon. The surgery is done to reduce pain and restore functionality of the joints.  

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