Boxer’s Fracture – Carrollton, TX
Dr. Allmon, a fellowship trained hand and wrist surgeon in Carrollton, TX, provides treatment for a wide range of orthopedic conditions. He specializes in treating Boxer’s Fracture, a common injury of the hand.

Boxer’s Fracture

Boxer’s fracture refers to a break or crack in one of the metacarpal bones in the hand. These bones join the finger bone and wrist bone as well as appear in the form of knuckles. There are five metacarpals in the human hand, with each of them divided into different parts, i.e. base, shaft, neck and head.

Boxer’s fracture occurs when the hand strikes an object while it is clenched into a fist. It typically causes the neck of the bone to break transversely and may also dislocate the head of the metacarpal. The injury mostly affects the second as well as third metacarpal bone and may also cause damage to the surrounding tissues, ligaments or tendons.

Causes Of Boxer’s Fracture

  • A physical combat or a fight is the most common reason
  • Sports injury
  • A bite from an animal may also cause fracture
  • A cut by a sharp object

Symptoms Of Boxer’s Fracture

  • Pain at the point of fracture that may spread to the arm
  • A popping sound may be heard or felt at the time of injury
  • Swelling
  • Discoloration or bruising may occur
  • The hand has limited movement, particularly in the finger connected to the broken metatarsal
  • The finger may be deformed or misaligned
  • Numbness in the finger

Diagnosis Of Boxer’s Fracture

  • Clinical examination of the injured hand
  • Assessment of the symptoms, mode of injury and range of motion
  • The doctor may palpate the hand, ask the patient to make a fist or push the associated finger inwards to check for symptoms
  • X-ray imaging may show the location and severity of fracture
  • CT scan may be taken for a better view of the internal structure and soft tissue injuries
  • In case of open fracture, the doctor may also check for presence of foreign bodies under the skin

Treatment For Boxer’s Fracture

  • Applying ice packs may reduce swelling and provide considerable relief from the pain
  • The injured hand may need to be immobilized to prevent further damage
  • Use of a splint to realign the bone
  • Anti-inflammatory medicines may be prescribed to relieve pain
  • Wear a sling to keep the hand in an elevated position
  • In case of minor displacement of bone, manual reduction may be performed to put it back in place
  • Surgical intervention may be required for severe cases of boxer’s fracture. The injured bone is set in place and metal wire may be used to hold it.  
  • Functional taping- The injured finger is taped with the adjacent one using while providing a small cushioning between the two
  • Physical therapy may be required post treatment to restore flexibility and strength of the hand

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